Our History

In the late 1980’s we started providing inspection and testing of structural steel by providing visual welding and bolt-torque testing. 

In 1993 we complemented our welding inspection services with the non-destructive techniques: ultrasonic, magnetic particle.  X-ray services are provided on a sub-consultant basis.

In the late 1970’s and 1980’s we saw the demands for environmental engineering services greatly increase.  We found that our drilling rigs with slant-drilling capability were in demand by environmental consultants.  We became adept at soil and rock sampling to meet California and Federal EPA standards while continuing to gain valuable field experience in environmental engineering.  Currently SEI offers the full range of environmental engineering expertise with licensed geologists, engineering geologists, and geotechnical engineers on the staff who have grown up with the industry.

Risk management has become everyone’s concern. We constantly evaluate our quality control program to lower the clients risk thereby reducing our own exposure.  But what about the hidden risks?  We are aware that, regardless of the care and expertise we exercise, unforeseen conditions are always present and we have acknowledged the need to provide for those risks by carrying professional liability insurance. 

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