As-Built Survey – a survey performed after construction has been completed to locate the positions and/or determine the dimensions of structures and improvements.

Construction Staking – a survey performed before or during construction to set markers (lath, hubs, nails) to designate the design locations and/or elevations of proposed structures and improvements.

Elevation Certificate – a survey performed to determine the elevation(s) of pads, forms, and/or structures under construction, for the purpose of providing information relative to floodplain management practices.

Grading Plan – a map or drawing produced on which proposed grading (earthwork cuts & fills, retaining walls, drainage structures, etc.) is shown relative to the contours of existing ground surfaces. Existing ground information is typically provided by first conducting a topographic survey (see below).

Monitoring Survey – a survey performed on two or more occasions, in which structures or surfaces of concern are surveyed at designated locations, and the locations are then checked for horizontal and/or vertical movement over time.

Topographic Survey – a survey performed to determine the contours of the existing ground surface at the time of the survey, as well as the locations of existing natural and/or man-made features within the survey area.

Volumetric Survey – a survey performed to determine the current volume, or the change in volume, of earthwork areas, borrow pits, materials stockpiles, sumps, reservoirs, or other such areas.

3D Scanning

  • SEI uses a Leica C10 ScanStation HDS laser scanner.
  • Shots are collected directly on objects at up to five thousand points per second
  • Shots are collected remotely from the instrument’s position, without personnel or equipment needing to access or touch the objects being surveyed.

GPS Surveying

  • SEI uses Trimble R8 GPS receivers, with a permanently-mounted GPS antenna attached to our office building’s roof.
  • Real-time signal corrections are calculated based on the office base receiver.
  • Survey crews can navigate directly to points using the real-time corrections and can immediately begin survey procedures.GPS Surveying





Robotic Surveying

  • SEI uses a Trimble VX Robotic Total Station with 1” angular accuracy.
  • The total station has a Direct Reflex EDM to allow shots directly to surfaces without the use of a prism.Robotic Surveying
  • For shots to prisms, the Trimble MultiTrack target ensures the correct prism is shot.

Digital Leveling

  • SEI uses a Trimble DiNi (03) Electronic Digital Level.
  • The level uses an “electronic eye” to optically read a bar-code level rod.
  • The rod readings are displayed and stored to the 10,000th of a foot. (0.0001 foot)

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