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Soils Engineering, Inc. (SEI) has over 40 years of experience in providing geotechnical engineering, geological, environmental, materials testing and surveying services to private, government and industrial clients throughout California, in the areas of Kern County, Tulare County, Ventura County, Monterey County, San Joaquin County and San Luis Obispo County.  We hope you will consider us during the bidding process to provide engineering services on your current or future projects. 

Following are some of the key elements which our company will provide for your project:

  1. Continuity: Our firm can perform Geotechnical Investigation, Geological Hazards Reports, Surveying, and Phase 1 Environmental Assessments at the initiation of the project.  We will also perform the materials testing program during the construction of the project.  It is in the best interest of our clients to use our firm for performing the previously mentioned engineering services throughout the whole project from design through construction to minimize risk and maintain continuity of services for the project.
  2. A high standard of technical expertise:  Our Company is headed by two registered engineers with more than twenty years experience.  Both engineers have Master’s Degrees in Geotechnical Engineering from highly reputable universities (USC & Berkeley).  Our company is also staffed with two registered Environmental Assessors, Level II, one Certified Engineering Geologist, a field supervisor and engineering technicians with extensive experience in laboratory and field testing.  All our staff resides in the Bakersfield area and is quickly accessible.
  3. We are very efficient and cost conscious:  Our forty years of experience has provided us a degree of efficiency in dealing with school projects, oil field projects, power plants, commercial and residential developments.  We always make an extra effort to help in solving problems and meeting the schedule deadlines. Our past and current clients are our best advertisement.
  4. All of our work is performed in-house, from drilling to laboratory testing issuing of engineering reports.  We operate our own drill rig that is dispatched on a daily basis out of our Bakersfield office.  We perform all laboratory testing (soils, concrete, steel, asphalt, and masonry) in our laboratory located on Yeager Way in Bakersfield.  This gives us an advantage over other companies in being able to react quickly to the needs of our clients and to deliver on time to meet their requirements.
  5. We are continuously upgrading our skills as situations and necessity demand.  Due to recent events in the Kern County oil fields we have added Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to our list of services provided.  This procedure is utilized to determine the location of major underground utilities (pipes, etc.), subsurface features such as voids, depth to changes in soil conditions, and abandoned oil wells.  The GPR data is initially analyzed in the field and then processed in the office utilizing state of the art computer programs.  The results of the GPR survey are then presented in graphic and written form to the client.

If you need geotechnical consulting, materials testing, construction inspection, or environmental engineering services for your upcoming projects, we would appreciate the opportunity to be of service.  We submit proposals on projects which can range from a one-hundred page document to a single-page cost-estimate sheet, depending upon the complexity of the project and your specific needs. 

You may be familiar with our capabilities as geotechnical consultants.  We have served the residential and commercial construction industry since 1966 providing geotechnical engineering and testing services.  We maintain a staff of State Certified Design Professionals and, Special Inspectors and Engineering Technicians. As the City of Bakersfield and Kern County has grown, SEI has grown to meet demands of contractors and owners who require all or most of their testing services to be controlled by one company under the direct management of a principal engineer.

We start on the ground floor, or often, below the ground floor by furnishing testing and inspection services for foundation systems from the conventional and common-place to the very sophisticated and specialized: spread footings; driven and cast-in-place piles; cast-in-place or pre-stressed concrete structural mats; dynamically-loaded foundations for vibrating machinery.  As structures rise from ground level to highrise, testing needs change from foundation soils and rock to concrete and steel superstructures.

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